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​The Cadwalader Family land, which is managed by Nanasau Farms, LLC, and known as “Nanasau Farm”, is private property. Generally, only family members, tenants and horse boarders are permitted access to the property and its facilities, including its hiking and riding trails.

In the past, under an agreement with the Maryland State Park system, the Cadwalader Family and Nanasau Farms, LLC, allowed the general public to cross the Family’s property on a trail that still runs along the north bank of the Little Gunpowder River from the covered bridge on Jericho Road for about a half mile. Unfortunately, this trail has been damaged by erosion to a point where it is difficult and dangerous in some places.  By mutual agreement between the Park and Nanasau Farms, the trail has been closed to the general public indefinitely.  The park and Nanasau Farms hope to reopen this trail in the future.

Horseback riders boarding at Nanasau Farms are allowed to use parts of the trail, but are directed up the hill and onto farm property to avoid rocky areas exposed by erosion.  

Nanasau Farm

Hunting News: Dates of hunting on Nanasau Farm

by Andrew Kimpel on 10/20/16

This is where we will post dates that certain hunters will be using the property and areas that should be avoided by boarders and invitees riding on Nanasau Farm trails.

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1. Andrew Kimpel said on 10/23/16 - 11:45AM
There will be an evening muzzleloader hunt on Sunday October 23,near the bottom area of Nanasau Farms crop field, closest to state park line of newly planted trees,in the Southwesterly corner.

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